★ G.U.P.I.

(Guilty Until Proven Innocent) is the emerging publishing practice of

Julie Choo*.

*(For Now)

G.U.P.I.’s heartbeat is like a copy machine, churning out ideas to connect deeper and wider, not strive for perfection or ownership. This is a bold celebration of a pirate 🏴 feminist publishing ethos through which low budget, accessible tech is used to rapidly re-circulate information and experiment with learning/researching/torrenting/making/hating together.  
G.U.P.I. sees publishing as a rhythm, always in circulation– evolving with every reproduction, screenshot, bootleg, ‘n unauthorized scan. Our lo-fi publications are stitched together with very little but grit and scotch tape (and a whole lotta ❤️❤️❤️). This is a space to explore the edges and futures of research-driven DIY publishing. A space to spit realness and truth. 

G.U.P.I. is not interested in refinement, professionalism, or carreerist art heaux #girlboss intellecutalism or whatever. Please get in touch + let’s remix the world.


email ★ gupi.publishing@protonmail.com  💻  are.na